Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Goddess in the New World ~ current practice

Ma Tsu (Ma Zu) worshipped in LA

 Madonna del Tindari worshipped in NJ

TONANTZIN (to-Nant-zin)
 "Our Venerable Mother"

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Virgin of Guadalupe, Spain

Ma Zu ~ Goddess of the Sea, Taiwan

Meenkashi, Tamil Goddess
Kateri Tekawitha worshipped in Canada + US

Kateri Mata -
 She works hand in hand with Ganga Mata
to dispel sickness from her devotees.
Kateri Mata goes into the darkest of places to heal the sick.

Lady migrates from Italy
Lady migrates from Taiwan

Our Venerable Mother
+ Sacred Lady, Mexico

Kateri Tekawitha
Kateri Amma

The Long Reach of Spain's Virgin of Guadalupe (Suite 101)

Sathia compares Ma Tsu with Meenkashi (akandabaratam)

More about Maritime Taiwan

Syncreticism & Synthesis:
Frida Kahlo 
The Love Embrace of the Universe the Earth
Mexico Myself Deigo and Senor Xolotl 1949 

Kali & Guadalupe Take Tea
under the watchful eye of the Dark Madonna


Norm Halm said...

Where is the painting of Kali & Tonantzin?!?!

Joanne Arnott said...

Apologies, I found the image some years ago, and when i returned for the source information, i could not relocate the original site

The artist should certainly be acknowledged, and the location of the art revealed as well