Friday, 8 March 2013

IWD 2013: Tribute + 12 days for peace in Colombia

Angye Gaona poem + performance

 (Floridablanca, Colombia, septiembre de 2011)

hacer saltar pequeñas partículas de encierro
con ayuda del fuego:
Raspar la costumbre
"Vecino, acérquese, ¿me reconoce usted?
Soy suya, recuérdeme."

Homenaje a las chicas de todas las edades, en cualquier tipo de prisión

 (Floridablanca, Colombia, September 2011)

blowing up small particles of confinement
at the fire:
Scrape the custom
"Neighbor, come, do you recognize yourself?
I am yours, remember me. "

Tribute to the girls of all ages, in any type of prison


Forces of World Poetry for Peace in Colombia
Colombia is experiencing one of the greatest humanitarian tragedies of the Earth. The world is just detecting this catastrophe. The Colombian people are victims of a war that has gone on for over half a century, making it one of the longest wars in human history, and the oldest war being waged in the XXI century, affecting political stability in South America.
This conflict has claimed more than one million lives, and it has left behind an even higher amount of population wounded, maimed, disappeared, imprisoned and exiled. More than four million Colombians have been displaced from their land, (about fourth million hectares), now in the hands of warlords. Colombia, which has two oceans and has access to the Amazon rainforest, is a huge pot of gold, silver, diamonds, gemstones, iron, coal, uranium and coltan. It also has enormous oil wealth. But 60% of its population is poor, while 11% is destitute.
Currently the Colombian government and the FARC are advancing dialogue processes in the pursuit of peace in Havana (Cuba).
The peace of Colombia, a country that deeply loves poetry, will bring greater stability to the democratic processes in Latin America and therefore the world.

The world poetry forces speak out for the strengthening of these peace talks for an immediate ceasefire and for the materialization of agreements leading to a state of social justice, peace, dignity and reconciliation among Colombians.

Full information on the 12 days for strengthening peace:

poets, artists and intellectuals from 138 countries for peace in Colombia

12 days for peace in Colombia links

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