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quest for unity: journey of Nishiyuu

The Journey of Nishiyuu - TEASER

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The Journey of Nishiyuu - TEASER

Published on 7 Feb 2013, bmasty
Six young Cree men and a guide started the epic Journey of Nishiyuu on January 16, 2013, to carry a message to embrace and celebrate culture, hope, peace, the protection of Mother Earth, unity and healing of all humanity.

The seven walkers embark on the historic snowshoe journey from their hometown of Whapmagoostui, which is located along the coast of Hudson Bay in Northern Quebec, to Ottawa, Ontario - this is The Journey of Nishiyuu.

This montage features moments from the first 200KM and the eventual arrival in Chisasibi, Quebec. More footage will be added until the feature documentary is released.

The Journey of Nishiyuu

On Jan. 16 – which was a national ‘day of action for INM,’ six Cree young men under the age of 20 (and one experienced guide) left from Whapmagoostui (Great Whale) on Hudson Bay.

They’re walking 1,300 km along traditional Cree/Algonquin/Mohawk trading routes to Ottawa.
People in every community as they pass through have joined the walk and now, they number about 200.

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