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Jason Gutz, ComiCinema + NegoVision

My known self will never be more
than a little clearing in the forest...

Gods, strange gods, come forth...
and then go back...

I must have the courage
to let them come and go.

~ D. H. Lawrence, Sons & Lovers 

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

The Stranger from Jason Gutz on Vimeo.

"In 1996 I made my first videos as part of a class at the University of Washington. I've worked professionally in the video business since 1998. That was also the year that I made my first Super-8 film. I was a member of a group called "The Super-8 Thugs". We would put on themed shows that had live music and theatre. The thugs disbanded around 2000 and I carried on doing shows that incorporated music, theatre and film. Among those are "The Doug Lane Probe Experiment", "Sequence" and "Eyes and Ears Tsunami". My main interest is ComiCinema, an exploration of linear sequence (movies and film) with spatial sequence (comics). These Super-8 ComiCinema films have been turned into sculptures. All of them have used my Negovision process of hand developing the Super-8 film as a negative."
~Jason Gutz on Vimeo

Uploaded on Apr 26, 2007 This is the second ComiCinema film I made. ComiCinema is my term for film in which I explore the tools used in Comics. It uses the Nego-Vision technique where I hand develop Super-8 film to a negative and paint the actors and props black where I want white and vice versa.
Literary riff 1   Robert Louis Steveson

 vid 2
This is the first ComiCinema film I did in Negovision. It was done for a Super-8 show of films made from reading the Cliff Notes of various novels. Dedicated to Erik Jacobson (1973-2009).

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