Monday, 15 April 2013

Kamala Das II: Painter-Poet

from M.P. Devika, Kamala Das as a painter-poet
These paintings by the late Kamala Das were included in an exhibition of a series titled "Unfinished Women."

from M.P. Devika, Kamala Das as a painter-poet
To read the very interesting study within which I found these presentations of her visual work, as well as a discussion of her poetry and how these relate: Kamala Das as a painter-poet: An analysis of her paintings and poems by M. P. Devika (2002)

The thesis is my source for the images, and includes an interview with the artist (two pages reproduced below), as well as an extensive inspection of the multicultural influences that formed a part of her base or web, and also those that suggest common misfilings of her poetic and painterly works.

To read more about this artist, including some of her poetry,  see (in this blog),
Kamala Das: I too call myself I
 and follow the links.

Two pages from the Nov 9, 2000 interview with Kamala Das, as published by M.P. Devika (source)

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