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Kuniharu Shimizu: the art of haiga

Just an artwork - Feb. 1

I collected some dry leaves, and arranged them like flowers. The artwork came out in a way I had intended. Haiku, however, did not come. I am still thinking...
posted by kuni_san 

"In haiku, poets express his/her feeling by using things in the nature, things around them, and produce poetic content. The poetic content is like a tiny seed, and it can grow to something larger. For example, from haiku, haibun (haiku prose) grows. Matsuo Basho’s “Narrow Road to the Far North” is a travel journel but it can be viewed as haibun. From haiku, haiga (haiku+artwork) grows. This is my speciality. The lyrical seed is the inspiration for larger creative works."

Above, a sampling of haiga produced and published by Kuni on seehaikuhere, Jan 22-Feb 13, 2013, ending with a 'silent' haiga, an image without a poem. 

The simplicity of the images and the affirmative sentiments captured in each poem found great resonance in this reader. The quoted words are from a personal discussion, in which Kuni expressed the poetic context and relationship between the small and the larger works in this poetic tradition.

The photo of the artist is from an untitled post, here.

Worldman, a story in translation [pdf]

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Unknown grasses
look how well they compose 
~ Kuniharu Shimizu

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