Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Arturo York: “El futuro es ya!”

The restaurant is now a success, and has encouraged other Pacificos to take the plunge in Bogotá. But perhaps its most arresting feature is the series of one stanza poems painted gaily on its walls and all signed, simply, York.
Just like the food, the poems draw from York’s passionate love of the Chocó. Mostly written in free verse, and with a romantic fixation on the natural world, they display a reverence for the region’s mineral wealth – “gold, platinum and other metals of life” –which have been exploited, York claims, by unscrupulous companies that have done little to alleviate the poverty of the department.
York has not studied poetry, and is modest about his work. “I’m no writer,” he claims, telling me that his verse is largely written in fits of inspiration, in a battered notebook he keeps in the kitchen. But it is hard not to be enthused by the old spy pro’s earnest love of his home province, particularly considering its troubled recent history. As we end our conversation, York moves off to welcome more customers, regaling them with stories and making his future, moment by moment.


"His whole place is painted acrostics he writes 
for he is a poet, writer and a consummate songwriter."

Todo su local está pintado de acrósticos que él escribe pues además es poeta, escritor y un compositor de canciones consumado. ~El Tiempo

Day Three

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