Saturday, 4 May 2013

Henry Doyle: Wasteland Journals (excerpts)

I have a grave yard
Full of dead-broken down
They hide together in darkness

“Hey Joe you got a smoke?”
With a light she gives him that smile.
“How’s your war going, Joe?”
“Losing with a smile on,” he says.
“Still hiding behind Hadrian’s wall, hey?”
I find a half pack of stale smokes
behind some novels of
Bukowski’s drunken knowledge
look into the night with a smile
walk through the rains of January
Death isn’t lonely
In the downtown Eastside
People wait
for him
in long lines
I hide in my typewriter

vid 1 Henry Doyle  thursdaysreadings  Uploaded on Sep 6, 2010  

Henry Doyle reading from "Storybox," the fourth anthology

chapbook from Thursdays Writing Collective

vid 2 my Life in Rooming Houses 4
Rita Jasper·Uploaded on Apr 10, 2011
This interview is with the author of "Rooming House Blues on the Down Town East side" as published in 24hours News and Megaphone Magazine. Henry Doyle talks about his life and writing.
Wasteland Journals
Excerpts from Wasteland Journals (above: follow links to read in full)

Typewriter Grave Yard

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