Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Luisa's Copla

 "Luisa, a woman from the Grupo Marı´a Auxiliadora del Rı´o Saija
describes the work of black women in a copla (1) called

  ‘Trabajo de la Can˜a’ (Sugarcane Work):

Son las cinco de la man˜ana It is five a.m.
Me levanto a cocinar I wake up to cook
Voy a filar mi machete I will sharpen my machete
Para irme a tabajar. And go to work.

Coro Chorus
Ay! pobre mujer, Ay! poor woman
Que´ bonita esta´s (bis) You are so beautiful

Llegando al can˜averal On reaching the sugarcane field
Me encomienzo a rociar I begin to weed
Y recojo mi can˜ita And collect my cane
Para irla a cargar. To take it with me.

Yo le digo a mi comadre I ask my comadre/girl friend
Que me venga ayudar To come and work with me
Llamando nuestro hijos Calling our children
Y mi esposo do´nde esta´! But my husband, where is he!

Lo mando a cortar la len˜a
I send him to cut firewood
Pal’ guarapo cocinar To make guarapo
Ay! Marido, yo le digo Ay! husband, I tell him
Al tonel lo vamos a echar We will put it in the barrel.

Ya el guarapo esta´ fuerte Now that the guarapo is strong
Lo vamos a destilar We will distill it
Voy a arreglar mi cochito I am going to fix my vessel
Y el viche sacando ya. And we will brew viche.

A mi comadre una botella A bottle for my girl friend
Que me vino ayudar Who came to help me
Y el resto que nos queda Whatever is left
Lo vamos a negociar. We will sell.

Este es nuestro proceso This is our process
Para el viche sacar To distill viche
Si ustedes lo quieren If you want it
Pal’ Saija a trabajar. Come to Saija to work.

(1) A copla is a type of poem or popular song mostly composed and sung by women in the Choco´region."
(2) source: feminist review 78 2004 texts in context [pdf]
(3) also see: Feminist Review 78, 38–55 (1 November 2004) | doi:10.1057/palgrave.fr.9400189

Texts in context: Afro-Colombian women's activism in the Pacific Lowlands of Colombia, Kiran Asher

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