Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Richmond Centre: playground of the pawns

Richmond Centre is a good place to live, but it is not a great place to vote. This year, neither of the Big Contenders' candidates are local, and they are more like one another than like the island region they are intended to represent: this is doubly bad news for Richmond voters. On a provincial level, I would like to see Dix form the new government, however, I am not happy that my local candidate has no roots to this specific community, and seems to have been selected for his ability to attract the same voters that the Liberal candidate will attract, rather than offering something unique.

Thursday’s announcement that Global Chinese Press editor-in-chief Frank Yunrong Huang will be running as the NDP candidate in Richmond Centre brings to two the number of parachuted candidates running in the riding.
Huang joins Liberal candidate Teresa Wat as the other non-local who is running in the May provincial election.  ~ Richmond Review

So, we have a choice here of two media personalities presumably well known in the Chinese language media. Both will have stronger ties to their respective parties than to anything or anyone Richmond-specific, and this is already apparent. Neither came out to the all candidates meeting, because the real people of Richmond are not relevant, do not register on the game that is being played.

~Richmond Review

Gary Law has decided to run as an independent, Grace Tsang took a different position with the Liberals.

Richard Lee and Michael Wolfe are both familiar to locals for their political aspirations rooted in this community. The Liberal's party machine has been calling and sending door knockers, but it's a hopeless case, this voter is not interested in that party. Michael Wolfe has my email, but he was never able to satisfy my questions re- the coherence of the Green platform, through earlier elections, and I haven't come up with any new questions. Richard Lee is the only one who has spoken to me personally, with a bit of passion, handed me a leaflet in our riding, and shook my hand. Unfortunately, as the Liberals have a Richard T Lee over in Burnaby, this local candidate is hard to find in the electronic world.

Here's The Tyee's round-up for Richmond Centre:

At a glance

This district has been dominated by the BC Liberals since 1991 at least, though incumbent Rob Howard will not run in the riding again.
The BC Liberals selected CEO of Mainstream Broadcasting Corporation CHMB AM1320, Teresa Wat, as their candidate for Richmond Centre. The BC NDP candidate is Frank Yunrong Huang, editor-in-chief of Global Chinese Press, a Chinese-language newspaper distributed twice weekly in Greater Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Greater Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton.
The BC Green candidate is Michael Wolfe, a teacher with a background in conservation biology.
The BC Conservative is Lawrence Chen, a BC Wildlife Federation CORE hunting safety instructor and examiner.
Chanel Donovan represents the Unparty: The Consensus Building Party, which professes to find the views of its candidates irrelevant.
Lawyer Richard Lee and RCMP corporal Gary Law are independents.

Did you know?

Disengaged? Richmond Centre had a very low voter turnout in the 2009 provincial election, second only to Peace River North. Just about 41 per cent of residents made the trip to the ballot box.
In 2006, the percentage of people who spoke only English at home in Richmond Centre was 47 per cent. The provincial average was 84 per cent at the time.
Think globally, act locally. 

Don't forget who votes

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