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Southbank Writers Program ~ Essay & Form

"It's all about the conversation"

"The Southbank Writer’s Program led a group of beginning writers, many of whom have never shown their work to anyone, through the refining process and towards producing professional quality work, says Katherine McManus, program director for Continuing Studies’ Writing and Communications program.
"Vancouver author Betsy Warland, former director of SFU Continuing Studies’ Writers’ Studiohelped develop the Southbank program. With the success of its inaugural run, Wayde Comptonnew director of the Writer’s Studio, will lead the program next summer.
"Compton is an SFU alumnus as well as an award-winning Vancouver author and publisher and former Writer’s Studio mentor, who more recently became involved with LunchPoems, an SFU Public Square community event."
Program for first-time writers a success
August 24, 2012  By Marianne Meadahl 

Southbank Writer's Program in Surrey

The variety of nonfiction applications of writing will be considered, and within that variety we will consider the Common Good: clarity, coherence, and vitality. From the humblest and most pragmatic to the exalted and poetic, the form of the essay is chosen to communicate, and aligning one’s intentions with one’s process is the key to both enjoyment and effectiveness in nonfiction realms. 
This participatory course follows an interactive format, eliciting opinions and ideas of participants, and honing these through discussion and writing exercises, and engagement with essay-specific norms/ structures. If you want to begin or revise an essay for any reason, if you have been puzzled by others’ responses to essays you’ve written in past, or if you have a burning passion to write and have yet to ‘assay the project’ to your satisfaction, this course will provide you with the opportunity to refine your approach and clarify your path.
This course is available only as part of the Southbank Writer's Program in Surrey.


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    Q: Can I just take a few of the creative writing courses in the Southbank Writer's Program?

    A: No. This three-month program is designed
    to help you work on your writing developmentally. It 
    will encourage you to bring writing practice into the 
    foreground of your life and work consistently both 
    on your own and with other writers.
    If you are interested only in specific workshops,
    SFU Continuing Studies offers courses and workshops 
    in creative writing throughout the year.

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Joanne Arnott said...

By the time I posted this, the summer's intensive was already underway... if attracted, bear the program in mind for next year