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Trilingual candidate for Richmond Centre

I went off to Kwantlen College to participate in a multi-organizational introduction for Richmond families, in how to support our asperbergers, autistic, developmentally different youth in their upcoming transitions to adulthood. The Richmond School District-- this family's primary support and guide in these murky waters over the years-- were not represented, fading into the past as these young people charge ahead through their particular arcs through time. Representatives from numerous ministries of provincial government and  community living bc were on hand, to lay out the treacherous patchwork and highlight the pitfalls built in to the process. One of the speakers did acknowledge that all that is available is vulnerable to the priorities of government, not the basic legal priorities but the ever-changing budgetary priorities.
The next day, two campaigners for the orange team/ndp came my way.
It was quite therapeutic for me to engage with these hardy volunteers, to discuss the political minefield that Richmond Centre, campaign BC, Canada as a whole and the world at large has been becoming: always becoming. This is a time of big changes, where the swing to the right and socially conservative destructions have left their mark, and the people are pushing back, hoping to grab back some sense of voice and authority within these shared lands.
The situation of paucity and overwhelm that has resulted in this particular household, and many other households, was by far and away my primary target. The sheer exhaustion required of a multipara inhabiting a single child-focussed universe, where each child requires a phalanx of full time advocates, and all the political wisdom of recent years have increased the brokenness and removed the safeguards, was the primary communication that was my gift to those door knockers.
Sadly, we also had to discuss the local social tensions, how best to represent a fractured and tense community-in-progress. The intolerance of some for non-dominant language signs has been an issue in my municipality, and no surprise that this has spilled into the electoral conversation as well. 
All I can think of is my past experiences in travelling in non-english lands, my deep gratitude to those business people who did share english (eg. non-dominant-language) signage! After years of listening in on the language struggles in Quebec, the issue has arrived on my doorstep.

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“My raising the concern of NDP candidate Frank Huang is my own initiative, has nothing to do with the B.C. Liberal. But the NDP slings mud and try to continuously link me with the B.C. Liberal.” Fung said he has supported the B.C. Liberals but has also donated money to NDP campaigns.
But Huang questioned Fung’s political independence in an interview in English Tuesday. He said Fung approached him in February about running as the B.C. Liberal candidate in Vancouver-Fraserview and that he said Huang would make an ideal candidate because he speaks Cantonese and Mandarin in addition to English.
“If he does not have strong connections to the Liberal party, how can he invite me to join the Liberal party as a candidate?” Huang said. He said Fung’s criticism of his language skills only shows a B.C. Liberal government would not be welcoming and supportive to new immigrants. Nor does it encourage new immigrants to become involved in public life.
“What does this attack mean? I think that people from Mainland China are not welcome in B.C. politics,” he said.
Fung has also raised concerns about Huang — former chief editor at Global Chinese Press and a former government employee in China — because he was a member of the Chinese Communist Party. Fung has argued Huang could be a security risk if elected.
The NDP have dismissed those concerns, saying it is often mandatory for public employees and members of the press in China to belong to the party.
“Many people from China who worked for the government were expected to join the (Communist) Party. Everyone knows this situation, including Dr. Fung, the premier’s Chinese adviser,” said Huang.
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I am sorry for the desperation of the Liberals, so short-handed that the same person who seeks "good candidates"  must recycle that research and disguise his name in order to politically attack the very same person he sought to entice to run for office!
I am sorry for any political or social group who have a leader who is so enamoured of self, so out of synch with the job of leadership, she will spoil her own ballot as a publicity stunt, by putting her very own name on the ballot!
You are not one of the candidates in this riding, Ms Clark,
did you want to vote for someone who is?

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