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Tulio Restrepo E ~ 12 days for peace in Colombia ~ Day One

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No Parking -- Visual Poem - Poetry -- Performance

It is a performance on prevention urban signs and traffic devices regulations installed on the routes of the city of Medellin - Colombia, designed to warn or inform users of public roads by certain words or symbols, the limitations, prohibitions or restrictions governing the use of it and whose violation constitutes an offense.

Used in this case the signal of international regulation of NO Parking zone to signal institutional perimeter, instead the intention is to subvert so ephemeral, poetic and self-referential, the functionality of the parking signal using the P word for docking or make a poetic bound to enter the remaining letters in words as a poem, POETRY, POET, PERFORMANCE, PEACE, among other possibilities, become an area of performative art.

The performative action is related to visual poetry, a form of nonverbal poetry in which the iconic represents the verbal at the same time, with a strong experimental use of typography, imagery, color and graphics arranged in the space in a non-conventional substrate, changing the significance of unconventional substrates Alternatively, in this case, the pavement, contrary to the design and function to include words that are not in relation to the object signal as a new semantic object, with the intention to bring the poetry, the poem, the poet and performance that are themselves banned and censored by political systems and regimes because they are considered not politically and poetically correct.


- Título - Tittle: NO PARKING Performance (video performance Serie)
- Autor - Author: Tulio Restrepo Echeverri
- País -- Ciudad / Country -- City: Medellín - Colombia
- Año de ejecución - Year: 2009
- Duración -- Duration:
• No parking Poetry: 1:26
• No Parking Poet: 1:20
• No Parking Peace: 1:35
• No Parking Poesía: 2:25
• No Parking Poema: 2:35
• No Parking Poeta: 2:37
• No Parking Performance: 4:12

- Formato - Format: Mini DV
- Video - Sistema -- Video System: NTSC
- Edición - Edition: Eduardo Arturo Arango
- Cámara -- Camara: Eduardo Arturo Arango + Tulio Restrepo + Daniel Tabares


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