Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Florent Vollant & Claude McKenzie: this is Kashtin

Kashtin - Tshinanu

I first heard about Kashtin via my sister, in Australia: she sent me a tape of their first two albums, surprised I hadn't heard of them yet... many years have passed, and still the ebullient songs bring joy. Two of the finest songsmiths in any language, each pursues an independent career while continuing to perform together from time to time: this is Kashtin.

Kashtin Nikanish (My People) amv

Claude Mc Kenzie Ekuen Pua

Florent Vollant - Miam Maikan (Loup Blanc)

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vid 1 Mishi45  Uploaded on Jun 16, 2008

vid2 noooon  Uploaded on Aug 18, 2010
[still trying to identify the anime visuals source~ will add deets when i have them]

vid 3 missatikamekw  Uploaded on Feb 27, 2009
Soirée spectacle après le souper bénéfice du CNA au Delta de Trois-Rivières le 26 février 2009

vid 4 Aabitaadibik  Uploaded on Jun 21, 2008
Loup Blanc / Miam Maikan - Florent Vollant avec Éric LaPointe - from the CD Katak. Order from see youtube for lyrics to this bilingual song, & more links: 

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