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trouble with sestinas (girl on a road)

Ferron on writing

You Know
I can remember saying to my mother,
“I’m gonna write my own songs,”
 and she said,
“well, why?
There’s a lot of good songs already written.”
Not very encouraging.
But, I knew why:
because none of them had me in it.


Text from interview in film, Ferron: Girl on a Road
a film by Gerry Rogers, Augusta Productions

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"I read this book about how some scientists tried to get primates to paint. For 10 years they worked on it, and nothing happened. Then, one of the monkeys suddenly began to paint, and what it painted were the bars of its cage. So, in my writing, I believe I'm painting the bars of my cage so that I can get out. This is something you have to get done before you can meaningfully move on in any way." -Ferron

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the wise Ferron speaks about writing.

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