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Homāy o Homāyun ~ Humay & Humayan

Homāy o Homāyun, in 4,435 couplets, and dated by the chronogram B-Ḏ-L (= 1331), is written in the meter of Neẓāmi’s Eskandar-nāma (the motaqāreb meter). It is dedicated to the Il-khanid Sultan Abu Saʿid Bahādor and his vizier, Ḡiāṯ-al-Din Moḥammad. The poem relates the adventures of the Persian prince Homāy, who falls in love with the Chinese princess, Homāyun. After a long fight with her father, the Faḡfur, he wins both his beloved and the empire of China. The story is situated in the times of the ancient Iranian king Hušang, and contains elements derived from popular tales.
~Iranica Online, ḴᵛĀJU KERMĀNI

Humāy u Humāyūn was completed in 1331 in response to a request to enchant Muslim audiences with a Magian theme. Prince Humay fell in love with a picture of Humayun, daughter of the Emperor of China, whose portrait he was shown in a vision by the Queen of the Fairies. His quest to find his beloved led him through many adventures but eventually he won her and became ruler of the Chinese empire.

~ An illustrated 14th century khamsa by Khavaju Kirmani

Prince Humay Meets Princess Humayun

Depicts the story told in the legendary epic, Humay & Humayun, written by Khwaja Kirmani (1281-1352 AD), which describes the love story between Prince Humay, son of the mythical Iranian hero Hushang (the Haoshanha of the Avesta), for Humayun, Princess of China. This painting, 6 by 8½ in., belongs to the Timurid period of 'Persian art... (more)


(1290-ca. 1349), Persian poet and mystic. Ḵᵛāju was undoubtedly a versatile poet of great inventiveness and originality. 
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image 1  The Persian prince Humay catching sight of the image of the Chinese princess Humayun, Herat 1427/28.  Source: Kunsthistorisches Institut / Freie Universität
image 3  Prince Humay Meets Princess Humayun
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