Tuesday, 20 August 2013

inspired by tradition

Eleena Banik ~ Painted Objects
Eleena Banik ~ Painted Objects
Eleena Banik ~ The Icon
Mother Earth

Eleena Banik ~ Painted Objects

Eleena Banik ~Painted Objects,
inspired by traditional iconographies

Eleena Banik

Elenea Banik, inspired by traditional iconographies

Diverse installations, painted objects, and paintings, and a photo of the artist with her work, from the artist's website (and suppressed work found elsewhere on the web).

Eleena Banik frequently explores issues of intimate and universal importance to women, and from time to time she has come under extreme censure for doing so.

Final image is from her 2009 downloadable book, HisHer Story [pdf], combining art with poetry. The book's subtitle is,

"My Voice Against Violence As A Woman."

Thanks to Garga Chatterjee for introducing me to this artist's work.

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