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Uganda woman poetry ~ innovations

BN Poetry Awards 2013 Winning poem 

by Namulondo Rashida


In the corridor of time I peeped through the keyhole of 2099.
The television said the nuclear war might be tomorrow
The radio said,
The globe has warmed up
And the North Pole has melted away
The phone said to the man with it,
The government experiment was a disaster and
The virus is on the loose.
I saw people being chased and about to be caught up by time
Voices out in the window screaming
Let’s escape to AFRICA
Maybe it was left untouched.

So I peeped through the door of 2015
I saw black women importing Western ideas
I saw their children throw away their customs
Old men dying without writing down their history
I saw black women go to school to learn to be white
I looked around to see if anyone was against it but none
So I peeped through a door with no label
Must have been timeless time
Its people respecting each other’s culture
They didn’t cut the forest
They didn’t pollute the air
They worked together
Nature was pleased with them
I wanted to open and run in but it was locked.

So I opened back to 2013
And sat down
Thinking how I can save the world
So I told the world in a poem
Hoping they would listen.

BN Poetry Awards 2013 

Second Placed Winner

A Face like Mine

I lie in a hospital bed;
No name to my face,
Abandoned babe,
Small and skinny,
Disease infested
Death knocking-
You stop,
Move on.
But I doubt you’ll forget a face like mine.

I sit at a busy street;
Six year old beggar,
Runny nose,
Lice infested,
Swollen belly,
Hunger biting-
You stare
Walk by.
But I doubt you’ll forget a face like mine.

I stand at the roadside;
Twelve years I’ll make tonight,
Too big for my clothes,
Skinny body, freezing cold
Eyes popping ‘n all,
Scared of the male prowlers
You walk by-
Pity and jeer.
But I doubt you’ll forget a face like mine.

I squat in a seemingly abandoned toilet;
Eighteen years last week,
Metallic hunger down myself,
Little foetus bleeding out-
You see me,
Call the police,
Not the doctors!
Gang up
Beat me.
But I doubt you’ll forget a face like mine.

I sit outside my slum;
Twenty four years old last month,
A limp in my walk,
Broken bones and scars,
Our kids’ hiding-
He’s back home,
Their father!
You whisper,
Point fingers
But I doubt you’ll forget a face like mine.

I’m running away now;
Thirty two years old two months ago,
My children with me,
Nowhere to go
But I’m leaving
The streets my friend…
You despise me
Family wrecker
But I’m leaving-
And I doubt you’ll ever forget a face like mine.

I’m lying on my death bed;
Forty five years of age last November,
My face too old for my age,
My body too frail to fathom,
My grandchildren-
The few that approach me,
They love me!
It’s all that matters.
I’m dying content,
I made peace with my God.
And now- you may forget a face like mine.

BN Poetry Awards 2013 - 

Third Placed Clemence Taremwa's



It’s a new era,
Drums roll,
Curtains follow,
No more type writers;
They are in the gutters.
No more desktops;
In the queue are laptops.
We have I –pads;
We have note pads.
But after the I -pads what next?
We will use the wind to send a text!
Just like blowing a kiss!

We will have E everything
E love making, by proxy
Kids come out of a printer
E- Chatting,
WATS app is already the thing
E- Dating,
That needs no explanation
The heart has been manufactured
Let’s wait for the soul!!

Oh innovation, what stone haven’t u unturned!
I look on the other side, my Samsung galaxy stops.
I rush to Metroplex,
I hear 3D movies!
The bullet is on my face, I scream!
Every one laughs at me
I bow down in shame.
I go at Workers house
The doors open themselves for me.
Oh how I wish they were the doors to eternity!
The door to marriage,
The doors to motherhood,
The does to the billionaire club,
The doors to everlasting life!!!
It’s called innovation
Oh now I know
It’s written all over the wall!!!

Published on Jul 7, 2013
Namulondo Rashida recites the poem, Time, which won the BN Poetry Award for 2013

vid 2 dilstories
Published on Jul 7, 2013
BN Poetry Awards 2013. Second Placed Winner Pamela Orogot recites her poem, A Face Like Mine.

vid 3 dilstories
Published on Jul 7, 2013
The BN Poetry Awards 2013, the third placed Clemence Taremwa recites her poem, Innovation.

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