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Vanessa Richards ~ two


Vanessa Richards - Occupying Army

vanricha   Uploaded on Apr 5, 2009

Travelling Light 1999, was commissioned by the Poetry Society, UK as an invitation for Richards to create a digital response to the 50th Anniversary of the SS Windrush, the ship that heralded the great Caribbean migration to the UK in 1948. ( ) The oral and visual narrative refer to creation myths, travel, labour, abundance and personal freedoms. Melodies based on Yoruba praise songs, calypso and early jazz allow simple verse to augment photographs and animation. Paintings by Jan Wade. An ambience is created of a by-gone era that is perhaps still with us. This is a Docu-Fable.

This 8.5 minutes contextualises the impetus and inspiration for Richards' work as a writer and photographer. (see source for more info)

More about "The Windrush Generation"

CryingWolf57   Uploaded on Oct 15, 2011

A song From The Earth Via Vanessa Richards
With John Korsrud And Chris Derkson,
Produced By The Corduroy Kid

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