Tuesday, 15 October 2013

canada dance map

Canada Dance Mapping 

Pupils & teachers, Jordynn Delorme & Chamille Munro ~
Troy Fleece photo (see story)

Dance ...  takes place almost anywhere... on the streets, at schools and ... community centres across the country... practiced by young and old ... enjoyed in-person and online. The Canada Council is leading a ... project to get a clearer picture of Canada’s full dance ecosystem and its social and economic impacts. .... The project will continue through 2013-14 and the results posted on the Council website as they are finalized.
local talent Audrey Barber
(Atlantic Flamenco Festival, see story)
The map pinpoints more than 900 dance-related organizations in genres that include Asian, African, Aboriginal, European, Latin, classical, folk, contemporary, urban and more. The organizations include presenters, funders, festivals, companies and dance schools. In coming weeks and months, we aim to triple the number of entries. This pioneering mapping microsite is an initiative of the 
Canada Dance Mapping Study. 

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Canada Dance Mapping Study: Literature Review

Canada Council for the Arts - Conseil des Arts du Canada

Canada Council website,

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