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Renée Sarojini Saklikar ~ Children of Air India ~ book launch Nov 13

Why does 9/11 resonate more strongly with Canadians than June 23, 1985? 

children of air india is a series of elegiac sequences exploring the nature of individual loss, situated within public trauma. The work is animated by a proposition: that violence, both personal and collective, produces continuing sonar, an echolocation that finds us, even when we choose to be unaware or indifferent. 

This collection breaks new ground in its approach to the saga that is Canada/Air India, an event and its aftermath that is both over-reported and under-represented in our national psyche.

329 deaths. 82 Children. Canada's worst mass murder. The accused acquitted.
What does it mean to be Canadian and lose someone in Air India Flight 182?

Why does 9/11 resonate more strongly with Canadians than June 23, 1985? The poems in this book search out answers in the "everything/ness and nothing/ness" of an act and its aftermath, revealing a voice that re-defines and re-visions. 

Air India never happened. Air India always happens. 

Renée Sarojini Saklikar

Really excited to announce/attend the long-awaited launch of Renée's powerful poems!

Praise for Children of Air India

"One of the most significant books of poetry produced in this place. A place it remakes. The scope of children of air india goes beyond event and into the realm of thought, knowledge, and how we must read and write absences forever present."

"A hearbreaking debut collection. children of air india is a distillation of rage, grief, compassion and incomprehension into a Kaddish of the imagination, a song of witnessing, and indictment of indifference that also reads as a blessing for the dead. This is a voice that must be heard; this is the kind of poetry that teaches us how to be human."

"Tender without being sentimental, incisive without losing compassion, children of air india is part song, part family album, part legal document, part childhood attic. Saklikar's rare gift is the ability to collect all these fragments to create a whole that is a lyrical and haunting palimpsest."
~Sirish Rao, author and Artistic Director of Indian Summer Festival

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"a canadian tragedy" ~ about the disaster

Air India Flight 182

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