Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Canadian Dress Code

Winnipeg student says she was kicked off bus over sweatshirt saying: Got Land? Thank an Indian



‘Got Land? Thank an Indian’ shirt designer speaks out on bus controversy

Montreal Museum Pulls Luxury Line “Inukt” After Backlash Over Appropriation

— Joseph Henry, Blouin Art Info blog

Being a mum, I've heard a lot of stories about young people being denied bus service, being endangered by the sense of entitlement of some bus drivers, mainly here in the Lower Mainland, and in suburbs not known to be especially dangerous.
The word for #upsettlers:
"Got Power? Abuse An Indian!"

I am not at all surprised to read that the designer of the "wear an indian" line was overseas for two decades. Who in their right minds~ who has been on this continent for the last twenty years~ would dream up such an offensive potpourri? 
Where were the checks and balances at the museum, 
to educate the returning citizen?

Why leave it for the Beat Nation artists to receive offense and respond?

There is something pretty horrifying about encouraging people 
to wear little ndn girls as a hip-level garnish. 

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