Saturday, 2 November 2013

no paper no pen

Somehow this Haiga Collaboration, published on kuni-san's see haiku here captures the autumn perfectly. It calls up the days when i was small and scissors were very big. It calls up the autumn when I was old enough to notice all my elder sisters heading for school, and my mother made a great gift to me and my younger sister-- scissors of one's own, plus pots of glue and-- what was the third item? Possibly paper, probably pencils. Maybe both.

Any who have been watching the Senate unfolding, and the so-called leadership of the prime minister, will have had some new thoughts and entertainments, giving all the news channels a run for further updates, one of those rare manyminds moments where a substantial number of people are all focussed upon the same drama, broad enough and deep enough to spin off in manifold directions, day after day.

For those who took in the prime minister's speech to his collected, with an ear for the Senate specifically, we have learned what we needed to know: the prime minister is inflexible in this matter. He cannot see or hear that he is misusing his power, that there might be any other response than driving the wedge in with greater and greater gusto. He has no respect for the minds of others, no matter how great and vast the experience of those others. He has no understanding of the words "due process," he can only say "I." He puts it like this:

That is the whole of him, the fatal flaw, the inflexibility, the human limitation. That is all he can say or do. That is why he appointed who he appointed, flying over the heads of more experienced and solid thinkers to pluck those who would be a good fit for his hands. That is why he has rounded upon the Three Accused Senators with such vengeance, and those who came (and went) before: the sting of betrayal has goaded and blinded. His capacity to listen, if ever there was one, has disappeared. One by one, his allies of old are forced to make a distinction, to publically differ. 

In his rousing calls for obedience from the senate, he is flagrant in his continued misuse of all branches of governance, perceived as his arms and his puppets. He cannot perceive himself as an aspect of a collectivity. This is why he can damage himself, and then sing for the people. He is driving the wedge straight through all of the ties that bind, and all his relations.

These senators [This Prime Minister] have [has] shown little or no remorse for these actions. And, friends, while we do not know whether these actions were criminal, that is not relevant’

Harper speech a parody 

The haiku (top) was writ in France, the photo was taken in Turkey, the haiga made in Japan. As a child in a family of nine children, I learned how to listen.

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