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6 poems by Ani Arnott

      A solemnity of crows

Crow eating persimmon, Ohara Koson, 1910

Six Poems
by Ani Arnott

Common Crow: seasons
raucous flocks
roam widely
small bands deeper dig

breeding brings us
 closer to family

wandering takes us
closer to friends

a few at a time
we follow our flight lines
home to the roost

before we gather
calling loudly
diving among trees
chasing each other

with kin in our place
bonded and gathered
silence now takes us
deepens and dims

nest making, egg laying
waiting for hatchlings
a solemnity of crows
we wait for descendants

crow courtshipbattgurl, 

Common Crow: spring
bobbing and rattling
I bow to you deeply
spreading the wingspan
spreading the tail feathers
fluffing the body feathers
rattle and coo

you know who you are
meet me half way

crow nesting material, birdwordgirl

Common Crow: nesting
year after year
we return to the same place
friends move on
only last year's children stay

high in the dry pine
I break a brittle twig
carry it back
to the old nest
keeping the old faith
giving new life

Crow Nesting, Pam Van Londen

Common Crow: breeding
the old season's young
not ready for fullness
bring nesting materials to the folk

watching, defending, learning the places
she's hearing the song of the old ways
learning the skill of the hearth

Common Crow: nesting and fledging
A full moon of silence and secret behaviour
gathering in power
guarding our treasure

with a full hoard the song rolls out
the young wail!
the old, crow!

Newcomers perch at the edge
and they fly well

Gathering 1, Helen R. Klebesadel

Common Crow: gathering flight
after the nesting
great flocks gather
voices and bodies fill autumn skies

flying to lands
where good food beckons

flocking together, the tribe flies

roosting and resting in high trees
marking the path to low country

this is the winter of our kindred gathered
in joyful community

Crow & Chicks, Penn Provenance Project



By Ani Arnott.

 Originally published in Freyja’s Space, 11 April 2012

Cover: "Crow Eating a Persimmon" by Koson. Woodblock print.

"The Crow makes wing" woodcut, 1970

“Springs not even sprung but crow love has,” photo

“And here is a crow in transport mode:” photo (detail)

“Crow Nesting,” abstract original acrylic painting by Pam Van Londen

“Crow watches the Moon Rise” woodcut by Kent Ambler

"Crow Gathering 1" water colour by Helen R.Klebesadel

“Woodcut of a crow and its chicks”
Penn Libraries call number: IC C3230 476a 1514

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