Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Nelson Mandela, flow of farewell

Cascades of love and memory flow
 through the realms of the world,
one spirit released from human form, 
millions more gather and unleash,
the smoke of the spirit gathering 
circling the high realms 
as the living unleash,
each touch gently on the place 
where he is held, 
held and released

“My life is a void, 
and I do not know who 
to turn to.”

Griefstruck tender memory 
upholding the anguish 
of the living

Joys of our youth and 
shared horrors of 
the elderstruggle

Unity in honour 
of the destruction 
of injustice

Breeze of rekindling to 
complete the tasks, 
passing the song on
shared breath

From void
to tender
of the heart

All of our languages of thanks, 
honouring, and 
safe journey

A wave of spirit, 
a flow 
of farewell



'Free Nelson Mandela' 

early version/studio rehearsal 


source (image) 

poem by ja, here & now

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