Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Manitoba visiting + Pete Seeger passing

Home from many days of performing and visiting in Manitoba, still sorting my impressions and saddened to hear of ongoing neglect.

What was most beautiful was the opportunity to watch the swirling snow, obscuring the light of the sun, and the many moods of cold.

Equally nourishing, seeing and embracing so many, old friends and new, email buddies and family too. (see pals pics @ bottom of this post)

Connecting with young writers is another form of mutual replenishment, here are a few of the writers met (and more here)

Big thanks to Katherena Vermette, Renate Eigenbrod, and all of the writers performing and attending the Neechi Commons & Millenium Library events. Thanks to Richard Van Camp for sharing the film, as well as for the above photos.

Brandon gatherings were also well-attended and heart-stirring: Sweet Medicine Singers, Darryl Racine, Di Brandt some of the great talents and world-menders with whom I had the pleasure of cross-infusions.

When i heard that Pete Seeger died, a certain melody came to mind. One thing that Pete Seeger was well-aware of, and never tired of, was the singer's role in the cascade of culture, across communities and through the generations.

The sample below, of his teaching role and memory-bearing, is not one of the many songs that i learned to play and sing, but it is the melody that returned to me, and a fine example of his generosity of spirit.

A self-aware teacher and healer, he taught all who would listen to hold on to our stories by singing our songs.


Fran, Linda & I, reunited 
about 40 years after we first met!
decked out in Rose' handmade scarves
'a little bit of Manitoba'


MIWF 2014 - Duncan Mercredi - "This City is Red"

Cree storyteller and poet Duncan Mercredi reads his piece "This City is Red" at the opening night of the Manitoba Indigenous Writers' Festival 2014. Held at Neechi Commons, Winnipeg - 16 January, 2014.

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PETE SEEGER ~ Guantanamera ~

Pete Seeger ~ GUANTANAMERA ~ words written by Jose Marti, tune by Pete Seeger. "Guantanamera is Jose Marti`s most famous song world wide.

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