Sunday, 16 February 2014

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also see genderbread v2.0 (infinite possibilities)

Thinking about these things, my mind drifted to racialization and the similarly shifting sands of identity, the inside-outside repercussions and reverbs, and how we all need to find a place to stand, to be ourselves, to be comfortable within our own skins, to participate in a world or communities in mutually nourishing ways, and to create a life we want to be at the center of.

In a world where oppression and discrimination are measurables, realities, whilst we build alliances against murder/war and toward individual and collective flourishing, we also develop methods of coping that either harm us, or support our solidification into self-confident participants, or of course a bit of both: click to see full chart.

While there are good hearted and thoughtful people creating charts of what they are thinking about, there is also a lot of junk out there. Here's one comparative chart from the local paper:

This one, which appears to be a series of heat maps, actually measures individual's self-perceptions, how specific participants represented emotions with crayons:

Moving through crises with increasing finesse, accepting our non-binary worlds with oceanic generosity, learning to trust the waters of self. Fluidity is the norm, it is the ideological mapping that requires endless tweaking.

Orlagh O'Brien:

 Illustrating How You Feel

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