Monday, 17 February 2014

Reconciliation Through Poetry ~ Vancouver

Guest of Honour & Poet biographies

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Radio documentary:

A Radio Documentary with Patrice Mousseau – featuring Chief Joseph, Robbie Waisman and Tegan Woo

Vancouver, August 28, 2013.

Documentary: Reconciliation Canada (MP3 of complete documentary)
Produced by: Patrice Mousseau
Featured Speakers/Guests: Robert Wiseman, Chief Robert Joseph, Tagan Woo
Music: Steve Gibb
Summary: This documentary shares the stories of Indian Residential School survivors and details the importance that this work continues though the work of Reconciliation Canada. It also details the path that many non-Indigenous Canadians face on their journey to discovering this part of Canadian history. By telling the story of Chief Robert Joseph, this documentary works to mend misunderstandings, and encourages building new relationships built on shared understandings.

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