Friday, 14 February 2014


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"i am thankful for my ability to make love"

Valentines by:
top: by the blogger; source of translation
hearts: by marie-micheline hamelin
keys: by flora jo
queen: (corrected) by flora jo, + modified
these are all from the mailbag/archives. here's one from the web:
bottom (below): nat, the smallest forest, book arts; text by rumi

vid 1
A short segment of the interview with Sahika Caglar, Turkish artist and teacher where she talks about the state of love in painting and in the Sema of the whirling dervishes. Shared by: Parisa Soultani Co-producer/Web host of the One Through Love project.

"ONE THROUGH LOVE brings together a growing, international group of knowledgeable Rumi “Lovers”. We invite you to experience Rumi’s poetry and teachings through the multi-lingual film clips on this cinematic website. "

doodling doilies, the smallest forest, book arts

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