Saturday, 8 March 2014

IWD 2014 ~ Gratitude for Midwives

Today, and everyday, I honour and acknowledge the women who have been midwife to my family, protective spirits, teachers and guides:

Esther Ohajekwe-Aneke

Camille Bush

Gloria Lemay 

Mary Sullivan


A magazine article about The Farm inspired my teen-age self



The enduring thread along the path to my consciousness as a midwife and as an academic is my commitment to serve women across birth settings and across cultures. My passions and convictions are met and nurtured especially through planned home birth, where I believe it is most possible to support a woman’s self-realization, and a peaceful transition for a growing family.
Saraswathi Vedam

Birth & Beyond (source for quote)

Giving birth to regulations, licensing for midwifery will take time, Sullivan says Feb 2014

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WiseWoman said...

Dearest Joanne, Your love for yourself and your family is an ongoing inspiration for me. You've taught me to let my vulnerability show. You've also taught me to look below the surface of those who seem "tough" on the outside and find that fragile being that lives within each and every one. I'm so grateful for the memories we've made together. I love you, Gloria Lemay.