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blog train crossroads: Richard Van Camp

Richard & Keavy at TIFF 2012, premiere of "The Lesser Blessed"
Richard Van Camp / four questions: 

the four questions:
what am i working on?

1) I'm currently working on a new graphic novel series, "Wheetago War", and I'm so excited about the Theytus Books' sci fi and spec fiction anthology coming out with Neal McLeod as the editor. I have a story in there called "Skull.Full.Of.Rust" and Neal just sent me great edit notes so I'm hoping it's ready to go. I have three new books coming out: "Three Feathers" (Portage and Main), a g. novel on restorative justice; "Whistle" a novel with Pearson Canada and a new short story collection, "Night Moves" with Enfield & Wizenty so I'm gearing up for all of these beauties--and preparing for rewrite notes any day on all of them.

Edzazii, two days old

As well, I'm the Executive Producer for Monkey Beach, the cinematic feature adaptation of Eden Robinson's gorgeous novel, so we are fundraising and getting things ready for our shoot.

All is great!

LITTLE YOU, written by Richard Van Camp, illustrated by Julie Flett

how does my work differ from others of it's genre?

2) I always try and put one teaching I've been given that I worry the world is forgetting in all of my works. I was so lucky to grow up in Fort Smith, NWT where storytelling is greatly respected, and I love stories so much, so if I can put something in a story that was passed on to me by my family or the elders I adore, I am happy.

Richard Van Camp’s story “The Magic of Wolverines,”
 illustrated by Scott B. Henderson, is included in the One Tribe anthology 

why do i write what i do?

3) I write to make sense of the world around me: the good, the horrific, the heartbreaking, the gorgeous. I write to make peace.

Pat Kane Photoblog TundraStruck!

how does my writing process work?

4) My process is simple: get up early with the birds, put the coffee on, write for as long as I can and spend the rest of the day listening and doing my best.

Mahsi cho!

getting up with the birds in Fort Smith NWT

Richard's website

An Interview with Richard Van Camp, Jordan Wilson (canlit 2008)

19 Questions, Curtis Leblanc (2013)

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Welcome to Edzazii
Congratulations, Keavy & Richard!

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