Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Cascadia Poetry Festival

D McCloskey's 2014 map unveiled at Cascadia Poetry Festival                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
Paul Nelson opening MayDay (WD Fulton)

Heidi Greco on MayDay (WD Fulton)

Robert Lashley in performance (D Dinsmore)
Meredith Nelson in the Living Room (L Crosman)

Joanne Kyger + George Stanley @ The Spring Center (K Goldberg)

c'est moi on the final day (WD Fulton)

Landscapes/Actions/Embodiment panel with Lynn Russo et al. (WD Fulton)

CPF small press fair @ Seattle U (K Goldberg)

Mayday began for me as she usually does, making sure everyone gets up on time, helping with lunches, and (an annual event) wishing my youngest son Jules a very happy birthday. Not long after the kids went to school, things took a turn toward the unusual, and persisted in that vein for a five day period.

There was a knock on the door, and the moment i opened, a poetry reading commenced, there on my porch: Heidi Greco, performing "The Power that Belies Her Beauty" (Siren Tatoo: A Poetry Triptych, Anvil, 1994). I was completely and utterly enchanted, and so began my experience of Cascadia Poetry Festival, with one who had been to Cascadia I.

I had prayed to St Mahmud of the Travelling Poets, however, I was glad to have Ms Greco easing the way, too.

We had such an enormously positive experience at the Cascadia Poetry Festival, perhaps the poached pics (links to sources below) will suggest some of the diversity of inputs and experiences. I was able to get to know many west coast Canpo practitioners better than i had before, and to meet and greet many USAmericoPo practitioners, too.

What drew us together was a vision that transcends boundaries: from geologic underpin to the weather, from geopolitic to geopoetic: it was a wonderful feast of show and tell, from panel-discussions and debriefs to "open and democratic" poetry readings, high school visit for the Force Field poets, and much more.

Someone I hadn't anticipated meeting (but did):

Black Madonna, Chapel of St. Ignatius, Seattle University (2 images by Joe Mabel)

Steve Helmer sculpture @ St Ignatius Chapel (D DeLong)

Deep thanks to all who made it happen, + to all who arrived + took part. See you in Nanaimo!

Documentary photographers #CascadiaPoetryLinda Crosfield (poet)Warren Dean Fulton (poet)Kim Goldberg (poet), Danika Dinsmore (poet) + wikimedia user Jmabel + DanDeLong, Seattle Post-Intelligencer (2001).
Map (c) David McCloskey, 2014

For Heidi Greco's reflections on sources + her own favourite moments, visit her blog

Kim Goldberg's reflections + photo essay on her blog


hg said...

I'm looking forward to our next road trip, Joanne! If you're willing to play navigator, I'm game to drive. Who knows, maybe I'll be able to convince you to sing!

Kim Goldberg said...

What a great weekend we all had! Thanks for blogging about it, Joanne.

Joanne Arnott said...

Thanks Heidi, I am down for infinite road trips! Singing road trips are definitely a possibility!

Thanks for posting about it, too, both-- and for allowing me to poach pics, when i had none of my own to express my pleasure with.