Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Dick DeShaw: a few thoughts in passing

1) Brings a part from the Whole of Truth & gives it life – my birth
2) Gives me guides to Truth: books with stories of searches for Truth
3) Finds me a companion to share Truth – my wife, Rose
4) Brings me children to share Truth – my sons & daughter
5) Teaches me that IT is my life – gifts me with PTSD
6) Helps my understanding how IT is my life – Spinoza & the 12 Steps
7) Tells me to share Truth with family/neighbours in talk, writing, example
8) Restores my part back into the Whole of Truth – my death
Beyond this I cannot go.

Baruch de Spinoza says the duty of a philosopher is to
1) Taste union with nature
2) Produce true ideas in himself
3) Makes these ideas known to his neighbours
*This is a paraphrase from God Man & His Well Being,  Curley trans
Chp XXVI Collected Works, Princeton, NJ 1985
       ‘Bud the Brain Explores The Question Of Existence’. When I was young I tried to find the answer to why we exist, in religion. Now that I am 72, nearing the end of my journey, my questions are more modest. I am content with ‘how we exist, asking science and philosophy. The finite cannot explain the infinite but only stand in awe & gratitude.  After years of academic frustration, I found that graphics can free me somewhat from the tyranny of language.
1) Energy: The work things do in the universe (first law of thermodynamics)
2) Entropy: Information or things (bits) in the universe
3) Entanglement: Quantum state of things in the universe (i.e. 1 (yes) or 0 (No). Generates information in the universe.
4) Eternity (Now): The point at which things give us information. (Buddist Nirvana)

Nature sings. Life is an infinite YES!

Above Selections from Dick DeShaw's blog, 
Spinoza on Science and Stress



A Vastly Simplified History of a Higher Power

HERE'S a page from "Bud the Brain Explores the Universe" Rose & Dick DeShaw (2012)


" Lovely man, never sick, sailed into the cosmos that sunny afternoon "

Dick Deshaw

DESHAW, Dick - Joining hands with Descartes, 
Spinoza and Euclid, Dick DeShaw died Wednesday, 
July 9 of a heart attack on the 3rd hole at Belle Park 
Golf Course. ... His wife Rose and children Rell 
and Andrew DeShaw, (Cyndi) along with grandchildren 
Blair MacDonald, Alex and Ryan DeShaw, and sister 
Patsey Parson (Bill) of Idaho, survive him. Son, Louis 
died in 2010. Grateful for donations to Kingston 
Community House For Self-Reliance (99 York).

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