Sunday, 6 July 2014

thank goodness for my back-up house!

Collaborative comic made by 6 people ages 11-59: an excercise in creative problem-making and problem-solving!

here it is in story form: 

first panel: i created a house, with a person approaching, and a landscape, maybe a road or maybe a stream between person and house

second: blew up my house!!!

third (below): engaged figure's face with audience (what do we think of this?)

fourth: added emotional reaction and sound

fifth: allowed for escape

sixth: resolved all with humour: "thank goodness for my back-up house!"

also, either added new danger or clarified the earlier danger, as this panel indicates a meteor nearby

Each person created a single panel on six pages, initiating one comic and contributing to five others, with six distinct comics emerging from the sitting.

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