Sunday, 14 September 2014

Umar Sidi: The Poet of Sand

The Poet of Sand—Chapbook by Umar Sidi

Saraba Magazine is pleased to release a new poetry chapbook by Umar Sidi, The Poet of Sand. In this collection of 34 pages and 4 poems, Sidi’s writing is bold, defiant, enchanting and metaphysical. The chapbook is published with an introduction by Richard Ali, editor-in-chief of Sentinel Nigeria online magazine. This collection is second in a series of chapbooks by poets in Nigeria whose poems are genre-bending and exciting.
Umar Sidi is a helicopter pilot with the Nigerian Navy. His debut collection of poems Striking the Strings is coming out with Origami (Parresia) soon. He lives in Lagos.

Is Life Worth Living Without Poetry? 

"This is what poetry does. It strikes the strings of the soul, it propels the soul back to its origin,
to its default mode of nothingness, emptiness, openness and love."

— Umar Sidi on books, poetry, and his poetics

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