Wednesday, 19 November 2014

First Nations, Metis, Inuit Circle @ InspireTIBF

JB photo
Inspire photo
Sidewalk Crusaders Inspire photo
Michael Kusugak Inspire photo

Reneltta Arluk Inspire photo

Lindsay Marshall Inspire photo
Lee Maracle Inspire photo

Political Panel Inspire photo
Monique Gray Smith Inspire photo
Waubgeshig Rice Inspire photo

Joanne Arnott JB photo

Paul Seesequasis Inspire photo 
Frank Christopher Busch  ~  book signings @ GoodMinds booth
 Inspire photo

Roy Henry Vickers & Robert "Lucky" Budd  Inspire photo
Cat Crieger & Roy Henry Vickers  FNMI Closing Circle Inspire photo

 John Barlow dropped by and shared a few pics (JB photos)

FNMI Working Group: Joanne Arnott, Paul Seesequasis, Reneltta Arluk
JB photo


sandra said...

beautiful wide-mouthed laughs and... a cat's cradle! Done with right materials! and no stressed white woman snapping your fingers! Inspiring pics, Jo. Thanks. Czam

Joanne Arnott said...

Michael Kusugak uses string in storytelling, this image he's holding up is a whale, but it morphs magically to depict many other creatures!

We all have our impish moments... I was glad you came all the way to Ottawa to hang out for a few hours