Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Goddess in the New World: Images of Mary

Our Lady of Saint John of the Lakes
José Aragón (active 1820-1835), Santa Fe, ca. 1825. Oil on canvas.

Our Lady of the Lote Tree
Melchor Pérez Holguín (active 1694-1724), Potosí, Bolivia, 1716. Oil on canvas.
“The people who made these paintings were moved by their faith,” Díaz said. “Even though many of them were struggling to exist, they made these wonderful works of art. And they give us glimpses of New World settings. You see Native peoples in their traditional clothes appear. We see mountains typical of Potosi, Bolivia. We see parrots and turkeys. And we experience the love of freedom in form and color found in the baroque style that New World artists often took to the extreme, with canvases exploding in decorative details and layers of iconography.”

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Painting the Divine: Images of Mary in the New World

"Painting the Divine includes works from Spain’s three colonial capitals: Peru, Mexico and New Mexico."
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Painting the Divine: Images of Mary in the New World

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