Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The Road Forward @ PuSH

Photo of Chief George Manual, courtesy of Doreen Manuel, Constitution Express

Marie Clements and Jennifer Kreisberg’s The Road Forward is a tribute to the Aboriginal women murdered or vanished on the Highway of Tears and Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. It debuted as the closing performance of the Aboriginal Pavilion of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. And now, as presented by red diva, it’s been adapted into a multimedia blues/rock musical—inspired by the groundbreaking movement of the Native Brotherhood and Sisterhood of British Columbia and their Native Voice newspaper. It’s a hybrid work of First Nations tradition and contemporary practice, with breathtaking singing, pulsing drums and images from historical archives. The Road Forward follows a long tradition of coming together to raise a collective voice and answer the call for change. Raw, rollicking and powerful, this is a musical evening you won’t forget.
An amazing performance…entertainment at its best.
—Review Vancouver
February 5–7, 2015

PuSh Conversations
February 6, post-performance

Writer, Director & Producer: Marie Clements | Lead Composer & Performer: Jennifer Kreisberg | Assistant Director & Producer: Valerie Sing Turner | Guest Composer, Performer, Guitar: Wayne Lavallee | Contributing Composers & Vocals: Latash Maurice Nahannee, Delhia Nahannee | Performers: Cheri Maracle, Michelle St. John, Ostwelve, Russell Wallace | Vocals & Guitar: Jj Lavallee | Vocals & Keyboardist: Murray Porter | Vocals & Drummers: Michel Bruyere | Vocals & Base Guitarist: Shakti Hayes | Traditional Dancer: Nyla Carpentier | Set Designer: Connie Watts | Lighting Designer: Paul Armstrong | Multimedia Designer: Jamie Griffiths | 3d Specialist: Rob Scharein | Production Assistant: Richard Wilson | Stage Manager: Sam Rose | Tour Producer: Paul Armstrong • Supported by the British Columbia Arts Council