Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Oscar's Salon: Delicacy

Betsy Warland is writing a novel new book, Oscar of Between. 
Each month she publishes a portion of a chapter, an excerpt, alongside a responsive piece by a guest writer or guest artist, on her online space, Oscar's Salon
The Salon is full of these call & response type postings: all are thought-provoking, disturbing, not like reading a novel at all: an anthology of artists and readers evolving over time. 
I was invited to be guest writer for February, + 
the collaboration went up today:
Photo credit: Clare Gomez
From an installation piece: Don’t Let Then See You Coming

Oscar, Part 20A Excerpt with Guest Writer Joanne Arnott

From Oscar of Between, Part 20A

[Betsy writes]
– 1 –
The head is found.
(his head)

[Joanne writes]

Delicacy is what is needed,
given the topic of loss of a child, and love generally.

I lost my head.

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