Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Aaron Paquette: real, positive, and lasting change

Art work by Aaron Paquette | Image source: Aaron Paquette
MM: Why should Native Peoples vote or get involved in Canadian politics?
AP: The Original Peoples are involved in politics from the moment they first draw breath in this world. As we saw with the Idle No More movement and the government’s refusal to even talk about Bill C-45, we can shout from the sidelines all we want but will not be heard. There are a few ways to get around this. One is the slow and careful process of lawsuits, petitions, protests, appeals, and so on. Another is what we see happen in moments of frustration: roadblocks, sit-ins, sabotage. But it’s the third way that holds the most hope – that we engage in the process. Look, you can get involved in Canadian society, still retain your culture and identity yet have the opportunity to make real, positive, and lasting change. Personally, I like the third way. Get involved. Be the legislator instead of the perpetually legislated against.
Aaron Paquette, Edmonton-Manning, photo: Amanda Freistadt
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