Book Covers + Visual Artists

Spring 2014 ~ Cover art + internal sketches
 by Leo Yerxa

Sept 2013 ~ Cover art by Aaron Paquette

chapbook 2012 ~ cover art by joAnne Noble
interior art by Michael Blackstock, Chris Bose,
 Lee Claremont, Jane Kwatleematt Marston

2011 ~ cover art by Michelle Sylliboy

2007 ~ cover art by Marie-Micheline Hamelin
2004 ~ cover art by Chantal Lalonde
chapbook 2008 ~ cover art by Aaron Paquette

1995 ~ cover art by Brian W. Campbell

Susan Leibik cover art 1992
1991 ~ cover art  by Josie Cook 

1993 ~ cover art by Mary Anne Barkhouse 

With thanks to the visual artists (and design folk) who have made the book covers soar: Leo Yerxa (2014), Aaron Paquette (2013 + 2008), joAnne Noble/jono (2012), Michelle Sylliboy (2011), Marie-Micheline Hamelin (2007), Chantal Lalonde (2004), Brian W. Campbell (1995),  Susan Leibik (1992), Josie Cook (1991), and Mary Anne Barkhouse (1993).

Val Spiegel did the design on the Press Gang books, Tania Willard on the anthology and the most recent Kegedonce title.

About the artists:
Leo Yerxa
Aaron Paquette
joAnne Noble
Michelle Sylliboy

Mary Anne Barkhouse, whose illustrations of the children's book Ma MacDonald  have been the starting point for cascades of gentle and intimate discussions about life, birth, and family:

Mary Anne's multifaceted arts career is documented in an album available for viewing at the Museum of Anthropology/UBC, with only a few items visible for online viewing. Her work is included in many collections, including that of the Canadian Museum of Civilization. Born in Vancouver, she has been Ontario-based for much of her career, often collaborating with Michael Belmore. In recent years she has become much more focussed on environmental and sculptural arts. In 2010 some of her elegant work was featured in a stunning show, Strange Nature  at the Richmond Art Gallery (see review in Canadian Art).

book download

A Profile of Artist Mary Anne Barkhouse
by Jennifer Dysart and Tanya Bob, with Mary Anne Barkhouse 
2012 [pdf] 98 pages


Marie-Micheline Hamelin, Soon Baby Soon

Inuit/Montagnais/French Canadian

Marie-Micheline is the 5th youngest of 14 children and a mother of three successful adults. Born on August 27, 1957, Marie-Micheline grew up tilling the land in a small northern farming community of Brosseau, Alberta.
Marie-Micheline Hamelin is one of my longtime collaborators & friends, a mother-artist inspirational force. I have included her work elsewhere on this blog, beginning with my very first post. Her "Night scene inspired by a nature walk" balanced and blessed a mournful post in 2010, and links to her work online were shared, alongside evolving versions of her "Tree of Life" studies, in guitar by birth.

Micheline has illustrated a number of books for Theytus Books, including Meshom and the Little One and the Caring for Me Series:  Eat, Run and Live Healthy   Healthy Choices, Healthy Lives   Looking After Me + Taking Care of Mother Earth  She is now based in Nanaimo, BC, sharing life with Art.

 Right from childhood, creativity has been her passion.

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