June 2017 updates:
I have been collaborating with Emalene Manuel, Michelle Coupal, & Deanna Reder, on Honouring the Strength of Indian Women: Plays, Stories, Poetry by Vera Manuel (submitted to publishers).
I've also been discussing the possible reprint of the family of crow with Ursula @ Leaf Press.

Cover art by Leo Yerxa

spring 2014
Halfling Spring: an internet romance 

In Halfling Spring: an internet romance (Kegedonce Press, 2014), Joanne Arnott explores the present-day landscapes of love. Poems track the transformative aspects of desire through updates & notes posted through a variety of virtual & real landscapes, to illuminate the early stages of a love affair. Leo Yerxa's art adds to and underlines the themes of the heart.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


A Night for the Lady explores the terrain of poetry conversation. Each poem arises from conversations with poets, colleagues and intimate friends. They range from a 1998 conversation on healing programs and the fundamentals of world change to a sequence of recent indigenous literary events on the prairies. 

Within the context of these conversations, an exploration emerges of the roles of woman within local as well as historic literary and global situations.

The poems draw together diverse figures from world literature, world religions and myths to lay open the experience of human beings within the "brown-feminine." Identifying and synthesizing connections across a wide palette of human experience, this collection challenges the divisions of personal and global, indigenous and "everyone else," all the while celebrating both the humanity and the divinity of the Lady.

Playful, erotic and occasionally harrowing, this collection bundles together experimental and inspirational work from a longstanding voice of conscience in Canadian letters. Once again, Arnott carries us into the most intimate terrain, casts her net widely, catches us up.

Geomantic riposte: 'A Night for the Lady' GARRY THOMAS MORSE

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Halfling Spring: an internet romance
Kegedonce, spring 2014

A Night for the Lady
Ronsdale Press, Vancouver BC Fall 2013

Mother Time: Poems New & Selected 
Ronsdale Press, Vancouver BC 2007

Steepy Mountain love poetry
Kegedonce Press, Cape Croker ON 2004

My Grass Cradle
Press Gang, Vancouver BC 1992

Wiles of Girlhood 
Press Gang, Vancouver BC 1991

poetry chapbooks

the family of crow
Leaf Press,Vancouver Island BC 2012 
with diverse artists 

Longing: four poems on diverse matters
Rubicon Press, Edmonton AB 2008
with Aaron Paquette

Photo by John Barlow

children's illustrated
 Ma MacDonald 
Women's Press, Toronto ON 1993
  with illustrations by Mary Anne Barkhouse

 Breasting the Waves: On Writing & Healing
 Press Gang, Vancouver BC 1995

Anthology contributions (as editor)
Other sorts of Anthology contributions have been shifted to a separate page/tab.

Salish Seas: an anthology of text + image 
Text: Joanne Arnott, Art: Michelle Sylliboy, Aboriginal Writers Collective West Coast, Vancouver BC, 2011 

Emerge 2010 
Guest editor
The Writers Studio SFU, Burnaby BC, 2010

Photo credit: John Barlow, "Rose's bookshelf"
Cover art: Leo Yerxa, Halfling Spring
Aaron Paquette, A Night for the Lady

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