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journal, 29 June to 24 Oct 2006
Amazingingly, I do have a complete collection of these, "the archives." This one features photos of my children on the cover, which i took & transmuted, 2006. Began in autumn 1981, a decade before my first publication in book form.

a wordle-created mess of journal titles
Selected journals and periodicals:      essays & poetry published in Canadian magazines (except where noted) ~ who can hope to keep a complete list? A sampling anyway, from the 80s to today, all of them curated by someone other than me.

Capilano Review
Carnegie Newsletter
Cascadia Review (US/web)
Contemporay Verse 2
Dublin Poetry Review (Ireland)
First Nations House Magazine  
Front: contemporary art & ideas
Literary Mama (US/web)
Literary Review of Canada  
Open Letter
Our Times
::stonestone:: (web)
Schroedinger’s Cat (web)
The New Chief Tongue
Poetry Canada Review           
Prairie Fire
Province (The)
Puritan (The)
Rice Paper Magazine*      
Room of One's Own
SPIRIT Magazine
This Magazine
VOX Feminarum
Watershed Sentinel
West Coast Line
Windsor Review
Write Magazine
Yellow Medicine Review (USA)

The blogs are the only 'journals' i've edited, except one of the appearances that i made in U of Windsor's student-edited journal, Generation, in the earliest 80s. Tony Couture was the editor, and I was one of several included in/as the "editorial process." 
*update ~ working over the turn of the year 2012-13 on a special double issue of Rice Paper Magazine [launched!]
***update ~ I've begun work as poetry editor for EVENT Magazine, March 2015

Joanne Arnott (current)
Old Lady Hunting (contributor) inactive
Transcultural Academy (co-editor) inactive

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